English Day CTN

Semana Cultural 2017
22 Noviembre, 2017
Orquesta filarmónica y el Coro de la IED Policarpa Salavarrieta en el Colegio
1 Diciembre, 2017

English Day CTN

This is a very special day in our school, all the community is speaking English everywhere there are enjoyable activities, some of them are outside of the classrooms like the slide, balloons activity and the race in the basketball court. Other activities are in some classrooms there are a lot of games like memory, spelling, reading and writing, acting mimic, and kareoky.

Something that is really interesting in this day is that the students from 10th grader are leadiring the games, this day is really nice and we hope to have more days like this one. Thanks so much for creating this activities for the CTN community.

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